A Motivated Personal Assistant Needed‏

How are you doing today? This is to inform you that A motivated Personal Assistant Needed. Job entails general clerical duties such as appointment setting, working on the computer, and keeping in touch with the employer. Saturdays are a must. Please if you have one send your resume and references. This position pays $550 a week for the first 90 days and $670 a week depending on performance. This position is available for part time and full time candidates, and its open to start immediately if interested kindly contact me at abplace703@gmail.com

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  1. They engage in fraud. They claim it is an employment opportunity, ask for your resume. Then, they send you cheques to cash, you keep a portion of the funds and send the rest to a third party. If they cheque bounces, you are on the hook with the bank. If it actually clears, you are involved in money laundering!