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Good morning Dearie, I have already sent you this same letter few days
ago,but i lost my mail, hence I am constrained to reach you again.

I came across your contact when i was reading through The Caravan Mingles
Magazine.The magazine is all about Politics,Culture & Fashions..

I am Bella Andrea of 16yrs old, daughter to late Mr.Andrea Schranner a
German who worked at Mount Resource Ltd. A geologist by profession who
died since the "year 2000" along with my younger ones Katharina,Maximilian
and my mother Mrs.Maria Andrea.

Ever since this incident occurred, I have been leaving with my only aunt
and her husband here in Hackney; Just of recent I got information from my
father's attorney (Lawyer) that my aunt and her husband are making
arrangement to claim the only money 970.000.00 (Nine Hundred and Seventy
Thousand Euro) my father WILL to me .

The lawyer has advised me to do some thing fast before it will be too late.

I have contacted you to stand as my " trustee ", so the entire fund will
be transferred to your account, for you to put the fund in any profitable
business right there in your country or you keep the 75% in your account
until I complete my education. I promise to give you 25% of this fund
for helping me which is approximately 242.500.00 (Two Hundred & Forty Two
Thousand,Five Hundred Euro).

If this business proposition offends your moral value, please do accept my
apology and unsubscribe as you can find below.

I must use this opportunity to implore you to exercise the utmost
indulgence to keep this matter extraordinarily confidential, what ever
your decision, I will await your prompt response.

Best Regards,
Bella Andrea.

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  1. I recieved this letter also. I happen to think these letters are a great source of amusement. Granted, maybe I should get out more, but if you think about it, about how much effort that went into the letter creation itself, plus the fact that they (scammer) have aquired such an extensive list of email addresses, gosh, the possibilties are endless. (must be a liberal). It'd be nice if they could do something nice, like comment on how bad the economy is, or what a mess people are making of the envirenment. You all have a great day now, and don't be scammed!