GBPS 10,000,000.0 ( INVESTMENT)‏

I am Paul E. Jefferson, a dual citizen of United Kingdom and American. I work with The Euro Mega
Millions Promotions Commission, "the official monitoring body and the operator of the Euro Mega
Millions Promotions". I have a mutual business deal for you, this however is not mandatory nor
will I in any manner compel you to honor against your will.

I have a very urgent proposal for you which will be of our mutual benefit.I wish to seek your
acceptance and cooperation so that the total sum of GBPS 10,000,000.0 can be paid to you by the
Euro Mega Millions Promotions for our mutual benefit. The said amount is an unclaimed lottery prize;the
wining prize result was published over four month ago and since then, the winner of the prize has failed to
come with the winning lottery ticket to claim his or her winning prize.

You can check the below BBC news and UK Lottery Post links to see and understand what I am
talking about:

The reasons why some winners fail to claim their prizes may be one or all of the below:

1. The winner may have accidentally thrown away the tickets and lost track of the winning ticket
number and other vital information as regards the lucky win.

2. Some winners do not check their tickets properly.

3 The winner may not be aware of the victory .

4. The Euro Mega Millions Promotions does not advice winners of their winning via email

notification that is why some may not be aware that they won in the draws. Also, notification of
winning via email is fraud attempt because you cannot win any prize without buying a lottery
ticket and playing the lottery and winners do not pay any fee before prize is given to them by the
Euro Mega Millions Promotions.

5 Due to high rate of internet lottery scam, the winner may have been discouraged by friends or
relatives against claiming the prize because they think it may be a scam. But fail to realize that the
prize is real as you can see in the LOTTERY POST NEWS LINK above. Fraudulent lottery informs
you in an unsolicited email that your email address has won some huge amount of money.

The simple fact is that, you cannot win a lottery prize when you did not buy a lottery ticket and
partake or play the lottery as no lottery company is a charity organization that gives out money on a platter
of gold.

All you need to do is to cooperation with me honestly and confidentially. This project is 100% risk
free because it will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any
breach of the law as I have mapped out all plans to ensure we claim this funds without any trace in
the future.

If you are interested provide with below information:

(1) Name =
(2) Address =
(3) Country =
(4) Age =
(5) Occupation =
(6) Do you have registered charity organization =
(7) Have you ever visited UK =
(8) Phone/Fax. =

Best regards,

Paul E. Jefferson

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