Dear Beneficiary,

Congratulation, your email has just been selected as one of the beneficiary of the UN Humanitarian Development Cash Grant program to enhance and develop the standard of living geared towards poverty eradication as targeted by the year 2020.You have been granted the sum of $2.5million dollars. your grant pin #UNF/FBF-816-1119 G-900-94. Please note that this fund would be made available to you via ikobo atm visa card.

Contact payment department for the delivery of your ikobo ATM visa card.
Payment Officer : Mr BEN COLE

You are to provide him your information below for claims.

1 Full Names:
2 Full Address:
3 Nationality:
4 Age:
5 Gender:
6 Occupation:
7 Cell Phone:
8 Present Country:
9 Alternate Email Address:

Mrs. Carlton Joan.
Chairman UNDP Grant Programme

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