Qualified shoppers get a $500 JCPCard‏

JC Penny Spring Gift Card
(I don't know why this spam email said Dec 30, because I got it in April... lazy scammers?)

Happy Spring (your email address)
*Select shoppers near you are being surveyed to determine their eligibility to participate. Qualified shoppers will receive $500 to spend at any JC Penny!
How often do you shop at JC Penny

See If You Qualify

You may have heard news of us struggling lately, that things were tough for us...
NOTHING could be further from the truth!

It seems the best way to dispel such rumors is to reward YOU - our loyal customers. Without you, we would not exist. Simple as that.

So - Here is a $500 JC Penney Spring Gift Card to show our appreciation. To let you know how valued you are, and that we count on you everyday!

Only available through 2014-04-28

Thank you and have fun shopping!


Store Team
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from address: jcpstore@redcellarsmobile.com
Content was encoded so I couldn't tell where it was linking to. (I don't open code - I'm not that confident)

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