Updated Details needed on your CVS card‏

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Re: CVS Club Gift Card

This week you've been chosen to participate in our short CVS Survey for

$100 to spend at any CVS Store!!

We just need a few minutes of your time.

confirm your email address , before this notice expires.

Your participation is greatly appreciated!


Store Survey Team


  1. I received the same scam....Don't open this email

    1. I also received a check last week for $1850 and I called the bank named on it to ask if it was a real check or fraud. Of course it was fraud. I'll report it to the police now

  2. can I just say that anyone wanting to give you money and you don't have to do anything to get it, if it seems to good to be true it probably is. No one is going to just give you money, especially very large amounts of it.