Diamond Bank Nigeria Plc
Plot 1261, Adeola Hopewell Street Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria

Hello Friend

Your message was well received, however you do not understand what I was talking about. Let me assure you that a transaction such as this might come once in a life-time. Bearing this in mind, let me explain what transpired and how the funds came about.

My country suffers from misconducts carried out by "fraudulent and unscrupulous" politicians who are given the mandate to foster social ammenities for citizens. Instead, this politicians deposit the funds into private accounts waiting for the funds to yield interests over a long period of time. The interests are then obtained and used for their own personal spending.

The $18,000,000USD was deposited by Chief Erastus Akingboola with this Bank and as since been found wanting by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). The funds have been retrieved back by the Federal Government of Nigeria, however the interest has been left untouched since december 2009. An amount of $5500 was paid in for the certificate of fund origin, $18,000 for the revocation of agency rights, affidavit to fund ownership, Tax clearance declaration.

The money to be gotten is for us, as we are only opportuned and destined to profit from this that was why I paid all the dues leaving the transfer confirmation and cost of transfer charges. Your status as beneficiary now and my effort has made this certain. The CBN has to re-confirm your status to claims. Kindly send down the following information:


Upon receipt of this, the release documents will be issued for final clearance and thats it. The requested $300 is for the Cost of transfer to be obtained by the Central Bank as I have paid for the Affidavot of Fund Ownership, Cost of Transfer and Probate Tax.

Let me get your urgent response with the required information to enable us get the funds cleared without delays tomorrow. Call me if you must on +2348025899724.

Harry Kolade
Foreign Remittance Department

email me at:


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