Re: Your Payment Update.‏

Re: Your Payment Update.

Attention: Beneficiary,

The auditors are currently verifing all unpaid inheritance & lottery funds that originates from Africa, America, Asia and Europe countries. This verification exercise was part of the agreement signed between this office, United Nations and the American Government.

Your name was among the list of beneficiaries found in the central computer as the bonafied beneficiary of an unclaimed payment of US$1.5million; a payment approval have been issued to all verified fund beneficiaries which you are among. The auditors have instructed the debt settlement unit to release your US$1.5million payment to you via an ATM card for easy delivery to you.

Your payment authorization file has been handed over to Mr. George of the debt settlement, he shall facilitate the release of your payment to you but before he can release the US$1.5million payment to you, you have to reconfirm the following information's to him so as to ensure him that he is dealing with the right person:

1. Your Full Names, 2. Residential Address,3. Age, 4. Occupation, 5. Direct Telephone Numbers and 6. Identification ID.

After his verification of the information with what he have on file, he shall contact you with information's on how to release your US$1.5million ATM Card to you.

You are to forward the requested information's to Mr. George via the below email address for immediate verification.

Contact person: Mr. J. George ( Debt Settlement Director)
Contact Emails: ( )

Do let us know once you receive your US$1.5million payment from Mr. George for the Updating of our record.

Yours faithfully.
Ms. J. Michael.
Payment Coordinator.

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