Hello dear friend,

How are you doing.Hope you are doing great?i know We didn't know each other but this may bring us together. My names is sarah johnson dejavocovic, I’m 37 years of age; I am british woman from north London, United Kingdom,but i spent part of my life in north america cuba.i got married to british man and My husband had just file for dissolution of our marriage.Right now as am writing to you the divorce suit is pending at court of law here in United Kingdom, if he succeed it means he is entitle to half of my money and property I inherited from my late father. Because I know that is the only reason why he files for divorce paper.
Right now I have (Ј 8.250 million pounds sterling) fixed deposited in the Bank. I have contacted you to assist me in transferring this money to your nominated foreign bank account before the court decides the divorce case, as we have the same dreams together, there is no way I can let it happen because nobody will take care of my only child.
I will never forget you. And if I have offended you with this proposition or in any way offend your moral values, please do accept my apology looking forward to hear from you soon in the next mail I will send you my pictures and passport scan copy for more identification.Thanks for taking your time to read my letter.I would be glad if you can get back to me,till then be doing good...


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