Dear Friend,

Compliment of the day to you my name is Patrick Wo Business Manager Societe Generale Bank HONG KONG,
I am contacting you to seek your partnership in a pending business project,
which I have here in my hand and ready to be executed without hitches,
I would give to you a more detailed explanation of this project which I prefer to call a deal,
if I get your positive response in agreeing to partner with me since this business is
100% risk free because I have all the modalities fashioned out to give this business an excellent outcome.

In an attempt to throw light on this business deal, a month ago a Bahrain multinational company opted an overdraft from our bank,
and it was over invoiced with an amount of,Six Million United States Dollars,
thus I seek your partnership to enable me transfer this funds to your account for both of us and,
I am open to negotiate your percentage so far you put in your utmost attention,confidentiality and sincerity due to the nature of the business.

Please if you are interested do respond back to me via email for further information.

Best Regards,
Patrick Wo

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