From: Miss Elizabeth Iwu‏

My name is Miss Elizabeth Iwu. I am the younger Sister to Professor Maurice Iwu, the former Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Boss.

My purpose of writing you is this: there is a Business deal of $45Million that is under my Control of which I have done part of it with one Mr. Mohammed Abdul which we agreed that he will take 30% while 70% goes to us.

I have been able to move $20Million to Mr. Mohammed Abdul and he confirmed the said sum of $20Million in his account. But to my greatest surprise, he called me just as I was preparing to go and meet with him in his country and said to me that I should go to hell and that I will never see him or the Fund again. As I speak with you now, he has cut off all communication and I can not reach him again both through Email and Telephone.

The Balance of the Fund which is $25Million is ready to be moved again but I asked my Contact Person in the Bank to stop for now till I get somebody that I can trust when the Fund gets to the person to avoid what happened before not to repeat itself.

I contacted you on this Business deal of $25Million believing that I can trust you when the Fund gets to you and also that you will keep the confidentiality of the Business deal from the beginning till the end. I said so because I don’t want any one to know about the Business deal from both sides till the Fund gets to you because of my position.

If you are Capable of keeping this Fund in your possession till I come over to meet with you for the sharing based on my offer, please let me know and I will also discuss with you the areas of investment as I will like to invest part of my share in your country through your guideline or in your Company if you have.

If I can trust you just as I have explained myself to you then, reply me now with your Company name if any, your full Name and Address with your Confidential Mobile number so that I can furnish you with all the details that you need to know. The Business is 100% risk free.

Have a blessed day


Miss Elizabeth Iwu

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