I am Susan Patrick, President and Chief Executive Officer of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL). I am one of those that took part in the Nigerian contract many years ago and they refused to pay me, I paid over $20,000 while in the US, trying to get my payment but it did not come through.

I then decided to travel to Nigeria with all my Contract documents, And I was directed to meet an attorney, Attorney Samuel Ojo, who happens to be a member of CONTRACT COMMITTEE, he made me understand a lot of people contacting me through emails with promises were all fakes.

Then he took me to the paying bank for the claim of my Contract payment. My Contract payment worth $1,500,000.00 was Directly deposited into my bank account in the US. Moreover, Attorney Samuel Ojo showed me a list of those that were yet to receive their payments, I had to get a copy of it and your email address is stated as one of the beneficiaries. I urge you to stop dealing with those people sending you false emails, they are in no way with your funds, they are only making money out of you. I will advise you to get in touch with Attorney Samuel Ojo

You have to contact him directly on this information below.


Name : Attorney Samuel Ojo
Email: samojo02@mail.kz
Phone: +234-803-115-7664

The only money I paid to Attorney Samuel Ojo to get all paper works done was US$370, so you have to take note.

I urge you again to contact Attorney Samuel Ojo so he can assist you the same way he assisted me. Instead of dealing with those liars that will be turning you around asking for different kind of money to complete your transaction.

Thank You and Be Blessed.

Mrs. Susan Patrick.
President and CEO
International Association for
K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL)

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