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I am Victor Mavis, Head of internal Audit with Standard Chartered Bank
London, a client (foreigner) made some number time Fixed Deposit, valued
at U$4,600,000.00 Four Million, Six hundred Thousand United States
Dollars) in April 2008.

Upon maturity, a routine notification was sent to his forwarding address
by his account officer but got no reply. After a month, we sent reminder
and finally we discovered from his contract employers that he is deceased.

In accordance with the Inheritance Law of United Kingdom. These rules only
apply when a person dies without leaving a will,at the expiration of (4)
four years, the money will revert to the British Government if none
relative come for the claim. To be quite honest with you it is I and his
account officer only knows about this fund and we have agreed to get the
fund transfer out of this country.

Consequently, hence you are a foreigner I will like present you as the
next of kin i will use my position in the bank to bear.I assured you there
is no risk involve.

I look forward to your urgent reply.
Best Regards
Victor Mavis

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