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Dear Candidate,

Congratulations! The Executive Registry has selected you as a
potential candidate to be included in the 2011 Who’s Who
Registry of Distinguished Individuals.

[fname], we just need you to act now to complete a brief application
to find out if you will be a provisional member - eligible to be
published in this highly prestigious publication.

There is no charge to apply or to be included.

Simply visit here to apply.

On behalf of the The Executive Registry Candidate Review
Committee, we want to wish you continued success.

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  1. well, it is now 2012 and I just recieved this email in my personal email address. The wording is similar, with a little more detail and is for the year 2012. I am just a housewife and mother of three. My last job was working as a dietition in a nursing home. As soon as I clicked to open this email, my antivirus program sounded an alarm and then flashed on the screen that it had just blocked a serious virus. I hit delete.Anyway, I never give out personal info on the net and am relucntant to give it to those who actually need it.