Your Chase Online profile has been changed‏

Dear Chase Customer:
Your Online banking profile has been recently changed from a different IP location.Because of the fear of unusual activity and to protect the security of your account,access to your online banking may be blocked. Adding new provisions, user identity policy and additional security as a result of our recent merger with Washington Mutual, We request some specific informations from you to help us identify you, this is to ensure that your account access has not been violated.

Please log on to (actually linked to a different website, not the one it looks like it does) and verify your chase account registration informations to help us identify it's you. Your continued use of Chase Online services constitutes your agreement to our new provisions and user's identity policy.
To quickly restore your Chase Online access , click on (linked to the same fraudulent website as above) . You can also set up an Account Alert so you'll receive alert when your account is being accessed.

Please don't reply directly to this automatically-generated e-mail message. If you have questions, please contact our Customer Support team.


Chase Online Services

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