Dispatcher/ Payroll Coordinator Needed‏

Attn: Friend,

ALEX FABRICS. needs a PAYMENT COORDINATOR/DISPATCHER and offers to pay $500 every 2 weeks excluding Supplies fee.ALEX FABRICS is trading company that is into the import and export of goods like Aluminum ,Industrial Chemicals,Raw Materials, Machines & Machinery, Non-Ferrous Metal,Steel,Foundry, Aluminum Products, Construction,Plastic and Rubber,Refractories and Ceramics Products,lyres, Professional Products Drawing, Graphic,Arts and crafts,and newly included- Electronics-copiers, printers, fax machines, personal computers, CD-RW, DVD-RQ drives and media, cameras,
and advanced electronic devices to U.S,Canada and Europe.

Due to the Increasing number of our reps that we are having in the U.S.A and Canada ,we are having difficulty in reaching all of them, therefore we decided to employ a payroll coordinator/ Dispatcher in the States who would be in charge of issuing payments in the form of checks to our representatives.


1) Must be able to work effectively with your computer
2) Must have a check Writing software,printer & Check paper with scanner. If you do not have one, we can purchase that.
4) Must be above 18 years.
5) Must Be experienced

$500 every 2 weeks for a start and supplies fee is not added.

Upon good conduct you are eligible to be a permanent staff of The ALEX FABRICS.

Prospective Payroll co-coordinator's should forward the following info:

1.Full names
2.Full contact address
3. Cell and Phone numbers
4.Yahoo chat id: Most importantly
5: If you have a check writing software to print online check please State, yes or no.

Send your info to : alexking162@postafiok.hu

Alex King

Note. If you are presently a dispatcher , kindly confirm so we can start working asap.

Sender IP:, Vietnam

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