(your email address) - Child Predator Alert In Your Area‏

(your email address) - Child Predator Alert in Your Area

A Simple Search to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones.

WARNING: Please prepare yourself for the distasteful possibility that what you see may be shocking. You are receiving this email because you have visited our site, or the site of one of our affiliates, in the past. If you'd like to avoid receipt moving forward or have received this message in error, please use this page: Avoid Receipt Please feel free to review our Privacy Policy on our website by clicking the link above. 3995 W Quali Ave, Ste. B, Las Vegas, NV 89118.

Links direct to: http://web.politicalgetaways.com
Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there really are child predators in my area. :P


  1. I've been getting these emails in my spam inbox. Is there any way I can keep them from coming into my spam inbox? It's getting old seeing themevery half an hour.

  2. so ur saying the messages come into ur inbox every half and hour

  3. I never click in links! its my advise to anyone.

  4. "Don't get me wrong, their probably really are child predators in your areabut hey, if you take a look at the URL you will see that it goes to something completely unrelated to the subject line of the email. MY BAD". Scamming jerk off used a nice headline writing trick to get your attention and get you to click on an completely unrelated URL. Disgusting tactic.

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  6. I figured some low life would be sending such an email. I immediately performed a search on it, if anybody needs any such information it is available through your local law enforcement via Megans Law. I don't understand why low lifes are terrible at spelling and puntuation but this email screams low life but it also screams open me because of the headline. I'm going to Spam Cop it and hopefully shut them down.

    1. Oh, the Irony -
      low lifes are terrible at spelling and puntuation - no 'C'
      Megans Law - no apostrophe

      Does this mean you're a low-life?

  7. I keep getting them to:(
    I to have not opened them and are very aware there are ways to see other than that email.I have ''spam copped mine""lol

  8. Kids Iive Safe < contact@gfu576.acadzone.co >
    this was the link attached. Acadzoe.com is an Indian online textbook store, so??