New opportunity! Central location‏


One of the worlds fastest-growing and marketing company is looking for individuals who are interested in long term career. The company's continued growth has created an opening for a Merchandise Manager.

We offer to you:
Guaranteed salary: $56,000.00 - $82,800.00/year . Compensation is commensurate with experience
Diverse commission and bonus structure
Benefits package available: Family Medical, Dental, Vision; Profit-sharing and 401(k) retirement program
Employment type: Full- and Part- time. Work from home is also available
Comfortable work environment

Essential Duties.
The candidate must promote and provide knowledge to assure that goods are delivered in a cost efficient and timely manner. The candidate must realize best level directions and preserve a program of continuous improvement about product quality awareness, end-to-end production process and customer diversity.
You will:
- Develop sales agreements to ensure that customer.s demands are fulfilled
- Expedite the operations of the department according to customer requirements
- Regulate problems with minimal support and complete tasks without manual
- Meet customer service requirements to meet customer orders and dates

Minimum applicant requirements:
- Good computer skills including Microsoft Office Suite products and internet research
- Have decision making skills and be tough-minded
- Ability to understand vendor quotes and select the best value; to manage multiple projects

Must be able to pass a criminal background check and drug screen; keep a valid Driver's License.
Candidate must be hard worker, flexible, keen; over 21; U.S. Citizen.

If you feel we can assist you in your job search please respond to this email and indicate your interest.

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