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Mayfair House, 14-18 Heddon Street ,
Mayfair, London , W1B 4DA

This is to inform you about the release of the long awaited result of our
first international promotion pool program held on the 31st JANUARY, 2012,
In respect to the (Lottery Pool), here in UK. Due to some mixed up of
numbers and e-mail addresses the result were released later on 8th
JANUARY, 2012. Your email address Ref number is 555/55555/55/55 with
Serial 10, and consequently won the lottery in the "A" Category. Your
winning prize is 1,000,000.00 (One Million Pound GBP) in cash credited to
your security file number 555-5555/555-55 (KEEP PERSONAL). All names
entered in the program, were presented by World wide Search, in
conjunction, with world leading lottery organizations, notice last till
30th JANUARY, 2012. After which fund will be returned to the lottery
corporation as unclaimed. To begin your claims contact our agent Mr.
Hilton Leroy as soon as possible, quoting your security file numbers and
with the information as stated below:

Country of Residence:____
Telephone Number:______

All required information listed must be sent by you to legal (Support)
completely to avoid disqualification.


Mrs. M. Cordwell.
(Promotion Director)

Sender IP:, Nigeria, and, India


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