Representative Needed‏

Dalston Mill Fabrics
69-73 Ridley Road, Dalston,
London, E8 2NP, United Kingdom.

My name is Derek Park, I am emailing you on behalf of Dalston Mill Fabrics Limited. I would like to know if you would be

interested in a part-time or full time job as our Online Payment Processor (Accounts Receivable). We are actually looking for a

representative who can work for our company as an Online Payment Processor to help receive payments from customers located in

the United States of America.

We are presently making waves in the United Kingdom & Northern Ireland bridal markets and we intend expanding our product

outreach towards the United States of America by accepting orders from both individuals and companies located within USA. We

recently placed Ad's on online websites for sales of our bridal products and got a very good number of requests for our

products, however it is against our company policy to accept International Payments such as : USA Certified Checks, USA Bank

Wire Transfers, USA Money Orders. Due to the fact that these payments are being processed from USA, however we accept Credit

Cards. Due to the order amounts we can't process higher amounts on credit cards, therefore we are requesting your partnership to

assist in receiving payments on behalf of our company.

We are willing to pay you 10% for every payment processed through you from our clients/customers who will pay for their products

which are purchased from our secure website stated above. These payments are coming from these clients within USA and will be

sent to you directly from our customers, all you have to do is lodge and cash each payment, deduct 10% and send us the 90% to

our Payment Processing Center via Western Union Money Transfer / MoneyGram Money Transfer. All sending fee's are to be deducted

from our 90% so your 10% remains fully for you, payments are either processed via Wire Transfers (Bank to Bank) or Certified

Check and will be made payable to you.

You do not require any special skills to work with us, however in order to apply for this job you need to ensure you have access

to your e-mail regularly and reply to our e-mails promptly. You will also need to provide us with a valid phone in which you can

be reached at anytime in case of any special update, however payments to be processed by you are with a standing minimum of

$3,000. Therefore, you shall receive a GUARANTEED payment of $300 weekly as we shall process a minimum of 1 payment every week.

If you are interested in this offer and would like to start earning money weekly, kindly ENSURE you have full access to your e-

mail address atleast three times daily. If this is OKAY by you, kindly fill the form below :

Your Full Name:
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
Zip Code:
Home Phone Number:
Cell / Mobile Phone Number:
Current Occupation:
Bank Name:

PS: You must have a valid checking account in which can be used to receive payments being sent from a customer, this might be

via Wire Transfer or Certified Check.

Kindly get back to me ASAP by filling the form stated above, once i hear from you i will immediately send you a reply with

further information.


Derek Park.

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