[ What will happen to you in 2015? ]‏‏


I hope with all my heart to you improve your situation. I know you need my help because I had valuable revelations about you.

I will place all my energy and knowledge, to achieve for you, an absolute clairvoyance that will reveal your immediate future: luck, love, money...

It was precisely yesterday at 10:47P.M. that I felt in me, a revelation that I must share with you.

But first you need to confirm some details needed to complete the personalized study of your clairvoyance.

I will not repeat myself. This time it is up to you to, once and for all, take control of your future.

And believe me, I'm here to help you.

Astrologer - Psychic Medium - Parapsychologist

From email address: (ZDs9Dr9P@1and1.de) totally legit
Links direct to: reporation.com/(long string of letters)
And a similar email from the same sender, with the same message header, looks like this:


I do not know if you remember me, we had a discussion some time ago about your situation.

Can you imagine...tonight I had a vision about you, a vision in which you were the star!

I’ll admit, this really intrigued me. So much so, that I got up and did a study on you.

What I have discovered about you is incredible! We need to talk about it as soon as possible because there are some big changes ready to happen, in your near future!

What will happen to you is incredible! Do not wait...click here now, so I can tell you what I saw.

I know that you often question your decisions, or wonder if you did the right thing. My friend, there is no doubt in my mind, clicking this link right now, will be the best decision you make today.

Awaiting your reply.

Your Friend,


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