(your email address); ......US..Government wants to help you!!‏

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worst 'from' address ever: live.hotmail@email.-.32567.ola.ma


  1. i received an email today saying "your govt wants to help you"..I figure the reason I received it was because I had clicked on a link on my home page that talked about a social security benefit program that was about to be discontinued. I'm learning that many of these so-called news stories are only advertisements for selling or to gather your email addresses even if you never give any personal info or your email address...

  2. I received an email as well. It was sent and received by my own email address. The message stated as follows:
    US...|...Government...wants....to....help...|...you! - 19

  3. I guess this bs scam is to screw with the gullible. I'm looking this online because I don't trust anyone. This was auto sent to my spam. I looked for something important misdirected there and decided to see how "the govt wanted to "help" me.......