Warning message - Incorrect login attempts (code removed)

Dear Esteemed Customer,

We reviewed your account, and suspected that your Discover account may have
been violated from another IP. Protecting the security of your account and of
the Discover Bank network is our primary concern therefore, as a preventive
measure, we have temporarily limited your access to sensitive account

To restore your account access,please take the following step to ensure that
your account has not been compromised .

1. Login to your Discover Bank account , and you will have to fill in all
required information.

2. Review your recent account history for any unauthorized withdrawers or
deposited, and check your account profile to make sure no changes was made.

We appreciate your prompt attention to this important matter.
*If you account information is not updated within 48 hours then your ability to access your account will be restricted.

**Sincerely Discover Bank.**

2012 Discover Bank, Member FDIC.

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