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Contact Information: International Business Consulting and Service IBCS
Employment Form: Full and Part Time, Direct Hire
Salary: $48,200.00-74,900.00 plus corresponding with experience.
Profession: Business Opportunity
Relocation Essential: No

About the Company:
A first-class manufacturing and consumer services company is employing a Purchasing Specialist to oversee their Logistics direction. The employer is a full service business working with individual and other consumers from variety industries. The vacancy reports directly to the Direct Department Manager with the essential obligations of scheduling, supervising and completing the shipments. This role is responsible to resolve events with order divergence and other.

Main Obligations:
- Build relationships with consumers, and contact with the manufacturers.
- Follow all Company work standards.
- Create relationships with manufacturers for the purchase of services for company's business.
- Contact variety groups in Suppliers field to consolidate process.
- Work closely with customer service department and manufactures on day to day base.
- Once the work is finished, make weekly reports, based on order sheet.
Special Knowledge Requirements:
Professional experience in purchasing is preferred but not necessary.
- Ability to multi task and make effect at the right time.
- Ability to work independently, communicate internally.
- Ability to manage frequent projects in fast paced environment and a perspective work load.
- Highly problem-solver, with basic interpersonal skills.
- Basic knowledge of computer, cell phone, Fax and printer.
- Must be a Legal U.S. Person.
- Must have age 21+.

Get more information, you should write back to this letter and might attach resume with brief cover letter including base pay size. Base Pay depends on qualifications.

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