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YOUR EMAIL ID HAS WON ( 550,000.00 Eur)Contact Tel: +337-5111-8876. with the following :Full Names,Address: Country:Age,Occupation,Phone/Moblie numbers: Via Email:


  1. Just received one of these, too. Same number, but email address

    The return SPAM email address was


  2. EMAIL ID PROMOTION held on 29TH of July 2013 Where your email address attached to the Ticket No:TK/365\\9NL drew the lucky Winning No Y-871GTH. You have been approved for a payment of (FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND EURO) in cash credited to File Batch No XQ1017BN the winner in First categories. For claims and the release of your winning, CONTACT our Claimsagent: Contact Tel: +337-5111-8876 . Send the following: (1) Full names: (2) Address: (3) Age: (4) Occupation: (5) Mobile number: (6) Country: Responds Send Via Email: