We have concluded to effect your payment (3.1M USD)through Western Union Money Transfer‏

Be informed that We have concluded to effect your payment (3.1M USD) Three Million One Hundred Thousand Dollars through Western Union MoneyTransfer. But the maximum amount you will be receiving daily starting from tomorrow onward is 5,100.00USD until the funds is completely paid out to you.Now, contact Western Union Agent: Eric Gomez with your : Full Names , address, Telephone number.E-mail him at :(weternunion467@yahoo.es)Tele:+22-996-075-419 Though, 5,100.00 USD has been sent in your name today so contact Mr.Eric R.Gomez and tell him to give you the MTCN, Sender Name, Question/Answer to pick the 5,100.00 USD.Please let me know as soon as you received all your funds (3.1M USD) Two Million One Hundred Thousand Dollars.
Batt Martin

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