Your Xoom Account Security Activation‏

Dear Customer,

We have detected irregular activity on your Xoom Account on 19/11/2012 from another IP Address.

IP Address: - Thailand

For your protection, you must verify and complete this security update activity before you can continue using your accoun genuinly.

Xoom Account Secuirty

IMPORTANT: Please don't reply directly to this automatic-generated electronic message.

Thank you for using Xoom Global Money Transfer !
The Xoom Security Team

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This email is automatically generated and we will not be able to read any responses.

Clicking the link takes you to, legitimate emails will probably spell "security" properly.

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  1. 06/27/2013 ....I too rec'd the same email, suspecting a scam since it says to go online to verify account ! I have no account with them ...scam BEWARE of XOOM