Business Message Sir Japheth Zephaniah.‏

Good Day,

The Royal House of Treasury, on behalf of the Government of Great Britain, under Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England II, held a meeting last week concerning unpaid payments,both foreign and local clients whose fund were not released. Her Royal Majesty, has just informed this office (Royal House of Treasury)that All the listed unclaimed funds which were not paid to the rightful beneficiaries, should be released to them with immediate effect.

Going through some files, we discovered that your file was dumped untreated, so at this junction, we apologize for the delay of your payment,you have to stop communicating with any other office from now henceforth and give every attention to this office for you to receive your payment accordingly.
We have been instructed to release the sum of GBP8.5 Million to you by the British Government.You are advised to respond as soon as you receive this message so that we can start processing your payment which has been approved. Your Payment Reference No: XXXXXXXX, Allocation No: XXXXXX, Password No: XXXXXX , Pin Code No: XXXXX, Payment No: 103 , Immediate Telex Confirmation No: XXXXXXX, Secret Code No: XXXXXXX.

Quote the above numbers when responding to this email and send your response asap.

Respond to this office so that this payment can be processed and released to you within 4 to 5 working days of receiving this email.


Sir Japheth Zephaniah
Royal House of Scotland
Bank Of England


  1. I just got his email and googled his name lol i knew it was a scam but i wish it was real ;p

  2. I know, me too =/