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  1. Don't send no payment what so ever they will scam you quick. no one should ever pay to get a loan.

  2. This is a Scam!!!!!!!!! I Mr. Eric Jones received your Letter of Loan request for the Amount of
    $10,000.00; The Company Loan terms will be stated below. The General
    manager has already gone through your details and they are well acceptable to
    me. Here are my terms for the said amount. If you are in agreement with the
    terms mail me so we can start processing the next step of the loan.

    Amount Requested: $10,000.00
    Loan Duration: 2 years
    Loan Purpose: Wedding Loan
    Income Rate: 1000
    Loan Amount Needed: $10,000.00
    Loan Interest Rate: 4.00%
    Loan Term: 2 Years
    Monthly Loan Payment: $434.25
    Number of Payments: 24
    Cumulative Payments: $10,421.98
    Total Interest Paid: $421.98
    Below Is Our Loan Terms And Conditions :
    1. Borrower’s will keep to our loan terms and condition and that this loan will not be
    use as drug traffics.
    2. The Borrower’s monthly payment/installment will start 6 months after the loan has
    been transferred to you.
    3. The Borrower’s are responsible to pay for the Transfer fee,($180) which will not be
    deduct from the Loan.
    4. Applicant who is unable to meet with the repayment will be given 3 weeks more
    as a grace period before legal actions will be taken.
    5. Failure to pay back the loan at this expected date/period, legal actions will be taken
    against the applicant by our attorney immediately.
    As soon as you are OK with my terms you will have to send down your
    scanned copy of either your driving license or your national identity card for a
    verification of your personal details which you have already sent then after
    that, we can then processed fur
    your loan has been approved by the
    I know it will be approved. Just mail back as soo
    If you fully agree on this terms and condition,
    await your swift and urgent response.
    Reply to acknowledge the receipt of this mail.
    Warning: ICC Mortgage And financial Services
    transmission is confidential and for the exclusive use of the intended recipient(s). If you are not the
    intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, disclosure, dissemination, distribution (other than
    to the recipient), copying or taking any
    ============ ======================
    further for the process of the loan. That is after
    soon as you are OK with the terms
    with your scanned copies.
    Thanks for Your Patronage!
    Thanks, God Bless You,

  3. beverly dimatteo and mary dimatteoSeptember 5, 2013 at 9:52 AM

    loan: $600 loan from king withdrew over$1565.80 from my Merchants Bank Account starting March 27,2012 Payments : 169:312.70;372.70:390.00;321.40. Merchants Bank Bangor,Pa route 191 refuses to give back myhandleing fees of $105 after they stopped the loan on Aug.23. 2013. I would like a complete federal bureau investigation of the merchants bank bangor pa 18013 of my account #537716731 they have been charging me insufficient charge fees and returned item fees for the same Blue king checks since March 27,2012. this if fraud and money laundering on the bank me and my family have been with since the 1950's.One board Directors Name is Richard M Hotchkiss 575 south fourth street, pa 18050 610-588-5759 and the other board director's name is James Garofalo 177 blue vally drive Bangor,pa 18013 610-588-6888 if no answer 1-570-897-6574

  4. I received the letter from Eric Jones. It is a scam. Don't send him anything! He does not work for ICC Mortgage in New York as he claims.