Your Discover account is restricted - take action now


You may have noticed that some limitations have been placed on your Discover account. As a valued Discover customer, we want to let you know what this means and how to resolve the situation.

What does it mean to have limited access? 
Your account may be restricted for a number of reasons; you'll find out when you next log in to Discover. As a result, you'll notice that some of the following options are now unavailable:
Send money to other Discover users
Request or receive money from other users
Edit or remove account details
Close your Discover account

How do I resolve the issue?
To assist us in our review, please log in to your account at You will see a message explaining why your account has been restricted, with details of what to do next.

The account limitation process helps to maintain Discover as a safer way. It's similar to passing through a security checkpoint. When we limit an account we often simply ask the user to supply information to verify their identity.
Discover aims to review account information within 48 hours* so please aim to get the information to us as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely, 

Discover Bank

*Reviews are performed in the order they are received.
How do I know this is not a Spoof email? Spoof or ‘phishing’ emails tend to have generic greetings such as "Dear Discover member". Emails from Discover will always address you by your first and last name. Find out more here.

I just have to point out the hilarity of the disclaimer at the end, telling you that if this were a scam, it would not include your name in the "Dear so&so" line, which this email does not. So it is, in fact, informing you straightforwardly that it is a scam. This is how retarded the scammers are. Just FYI. They rip off the coding of legitimate business emails and replace links, etc with fake stuff. So it usually looks pretty well formatted. But they get screwed when they don't even read what the email is saying. But, then again, most of these guys don't have very good English skills.

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