United Nations Plaza
New York, 10017-3575
United States
From the office of
U.N Secretary-General
Ban Ki-moon
Dear Sir,
I was call by the Minister of Foreign affair in Nigeria this morning and was ask confirm the following claim before further action.
If the owner of this email is actually dead, because some men visited the minister today with the attached death certificate stating that the owner of the above email is dead and they are your close relative and there wish to process and claim the total of US$7.2M that was deposited in name.
Attached the certificate which they presented and if I did not hear from you, this means that there claim is real and will be allowed to process and claim the said fund.
But if you respond to me, it will mean that it is a false claim, and I will order for their immediate arrest and then advice you on how you will legally receive your fund. And also get back to me with the below info:
1) Your full name --
2) Your Full personal address-----
3) Your company address (IF ANY)
4) Your Mobile Number
5) Your position
6) Your bank name--
From the office of
U.N Secretary-General.

1 comment:

  1. What exactly could they do with that information? Just curious. I love answering these scammers and stringing them along for as long as humanly possible. I would never give them ANY real information, ever, fyi.