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  1. OMG thats what happened to me! People are really stupid! If its really good, its too good to be true!

  2. I just got one for Target via text

    1. me too and when you go to the unsubscribe link they ask for email addresses! I went to the BBB website

  3. Ihave actually done one of these that worked BUT this last one with the Pleasant Grove address does not! I would like to go to the URL and find a way to get in touch with them or file an FBI report.

  4. I have been receiving e-mails from them offering a lot of good things. Will it really stop when you unsubscribe? I don't feel comfortable to give them my e-mail again

  5. I filled out the form but then found it is a scam. I have appox 100 unopened emails from their source M.S.D. How can I stop.getting these emails? I can delete what I have but more will.come
    is there a way to stop.them?

  6. I got a pop-up add and it said that I won an $1000 gift card. It was just to good to be true so I look at the comments and one said that they thought it was a scam but it wasn't but I didn't know if I should

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