NOTICE: Your Secret Admirer sent you (1) message!‏

Several misplaced messages were sent to us and one of them is for you. Do you want to read it? I hope you enjoy it. I spent a lot of time making it!


  1. I received one too! I have no idea what it is about either

  2. I received an email too... kind of mysterious, talking about something I supposedly did in the past and is affecting my preset and might even affect my future. I really wonder what this is all about.

  3. I received the same email. I have to say that the person who did it is very smart and creative. Those who love this subject is more likely to fall. I am pasting part of the email so people can easily find it. Do not be fooled by this, we are all special beings, but we make our own decisions because we came to this world to learn and evolve in our own way. Keep serving the world the best way you can, by being the best version of yourself. The universe rewards those who do well.

    Here is the email:

    1, 2, 3

    Can you read this?

    It feels strange typing on a physical keyboard, and this is the first time I'm reaching out to you like this, so fingers crossed.

    Speaking of fingers, mine are trembling a little right now, because I know you're going to find this a little hard to swallow.

    You see, I'm contacting you with the help of our mutual friend Natalie Ledwell, with a warning from the distant future.

    To be more specific, I am a time traveler, sent across time to collect data from the past.

    (You can think of me like a cross between a scientist and an astronaut.)

    Now, one of my main 'rules' of time travel is:

    Thou shall not interfere with the past.

    But with you, I'm making a risky exception.


    Well I'm a little shy to tell you this, but I've spent years in every age across history, from the majestic Roman Republic, to the mystical ancient Egypt, to the romantic Italian Renaissance.

    In this time, I've observed countless people from every corner of the planet.

    And you are one of my favorites.

    Why? I'll tell you more about what I see in you soon, but for now, let's just say, your spirit fascinates me.

    So you probably don't hear this every day, but -

    I am your secret admirer from the future -

    And I'm here to help you avoid a potential disaster in your life.

    You see, many years ago, something important happened to you.

    You may or may not recall this event -

    But I can assure you, it has rippled across time, and is quietly influencing your life to this day.

    And very soon (as in a few weeks kind of soon) this past event may affect you in ways that would blow your mind.

    More specifically, it may lead you to sacrifice a potentially life-changing opportunity that the Universe is planning for you at this very moment.

    Now, I don't mean to alarm you, but in its place you may experience loss or even danger.

    So please take a leap of faith in me, and heed my warning:

    For the sake of your abundant future, it's crucial that you travel back to your past right now.

    Revisit this event I'm talking about.

    And discover how it has quietly (and in many cases, dangerously) shaped your thoughts, emotions and beliefs every single day of your life.

    Understanding this event is the key to breaking free from its grip on you.

    However, I can't make direct contact with you just yet, so our mutual friend Natalie has prepared a time machine to help you do this.

    I believe in you, and I know that together we can fix this :-)

    So go on - step into the time machine, and let's secure your future:

    ..... And bla bla bla

  4. I also received the following second email referring to NATALIE LEDWELL of MINDMOVIES:
    t's me again, your time traveling secret admirer :-)

    Yesterday, I asked you to step into a “time machine” with our mutual friend Natalie Ledwell -

    And discover a past event that is sabotaging your present and future.

    But this adventure into your past - and ultimately your future - is only just beginning.

    So today, go ahead and press the big red button that takes you even deeper down the rabbit hole:

    Push the Red Button Now
    I just have to warn you -

    Once you step through this portal, there's no turning back.

    As what you discover on the other side will evolve your entire perspective on life.

    Plus, it will challenge you to step up to who and what you really are:

    A being with limitless power over your past, present and future.


    Your Secret Admirer

    P.S. We still have a few more steps before this journey is over - but like I said, I can't give you too much at a time in case we break the space-time continuum.

    To be specific, I am able to have five encounters with you - and tomorrow you'll receive the third one.

    Look out for it, and for now, flip over today's piece of the puzzle:

    Second Piece of Your Puzzle

  5. I replied by sending him/her the link of this website

  6. But just for the sake of it did anybody clicked onto the time travel button?