Re: ACTION REQUIRED: Policy Overpayment‏

Notice About Your New Rates

NEW POLICY: Effective startingMay 16th 2012 through May 16th 2014 -- These rates start immediately

With the calculated stats you might have had an overpayment with your current auto insurance policy near*: $425.00
*Your rate can be lower or higher

Submit your zip code on the next page for your rates

These rates can take affect immediately

If Any Of These Factors Apply To You
You can take advantage of them right away:
- You drive your car 40 miles a day or less
- No accidents to your driving record within the last 3 years
- You are 30 years of age or older
- You are 50 years of age or older
- Clean record with no tickets in the last three years
- Your current policy has coverage you do not need
- Other qualifications available

This policy is intended to help good drivers
save money

To qualify submit your zip code on the next page

HOW TO GET THESE RATES: Enter your zip code on the next page to get
the rates for your zip. You will then find out how much
you are overpaying for your current policy.

Okay, I'm posting this one because of the subject header which is intentionally misleading and manipulative. I'm sick and tired of these losers putting subjects like this on their emails.

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