Reference: #H555555F is now opened.‏

Dear user,

Recently we noticed that many accounts are being registered for illegal purposes. Unfortunalty we cannot identify them so we are applying new security measures:
By clicking the url below you will be redirected to our secure server where you will be asked to enter your personal information. Just after that your account will be manually reviewed by our security team and flagged as safe account.


If we dont receive any information within 2(3) working days, all your hotmail accounts will be temporary suspended.

Thank you.

Reference Numebr: #H555555F .

Hotmail Team

From name: Hotmail Secure
From address: This is a fake from address.
Actually from:, IP, in Utah
After going through: HELO, IP, in Utah
After coming from: IP, in Kansas City
IP linked in email:, is actually in Brazil.
What a messy fake email.

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