Confirmation Promo Reference Number:BEG /2551357118/01‏

Confirmation Promo Reference Number:BEG /2551357118/01
Reply to Email:

You have won 2,800.000.00 Euro (Two Million Eight
Hundred Thousand Euro),in the MEGA/BONANZA SUPER LOTTERY Email Sweepstakes
Promotional Program, held on October 9th 2010.In Brussels Belgium We write to
officially notify you of this award and to advise you to contact the processing
office immediately for the claim.
With E-mail Ticket NO:K-1000873294-4

Reference NO:BEG /2551357118/01
Serial NO: 2215-13
Batch NO: 11/21999/SUPS
LUCKY No: 05-34-28-31-42-40*3
Send Your Full Name & Telephone Number.

Person: Mr, Willems Van Loock
Tel: +32-489-507-515 or +1132-489-507-515
to Email:

Your Sincerely,
Mrs Maria De Becker

Promotional co ordinator
Please note, do not send email to the alert email you
are to contact Mr. Willems Van Loock via Reply to Email:

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