lottery win notification!!‏

LOTTO Hamburg GmbH
Überseering 4
22297 Hamburg
D-Hamburg, Germany.

Your Reference: LH/15-DE/4563 &
Batch Number: LH/10/15.


We are please to inform you that your email identity emerged winner of EUR 2.500,000 (Two million five hundred thousand Euro) in LOTTO Hamburg GmbH online final year draws for 2010 which was conducted last week. Your email ID was attached to serial Numbers: 05-3498 and drew the winning numbers: 5 11 12 13 32 40 22 for LN-49 Lotto under the choice of the lottery in the 1st category.

To begin your claims, you are to contact your fund release agent, Mr. Leonard Griffiths of the paying insurance company through his contact details below;

Mr. Leonard Griffiths,
LH GmbH/Zurich Financial Services Ltd,
Professional & Risk Services Manager,
Telefon: +44 702 403 8704.
Telefax: +44 870 490 8014.

For more information and release details.

Endeavour to quote your reference (LH/15-DE/4563) and batch (LH/10/15) numbers in every correspondence with your claims agent.

Congratulations once again and we thank you for been a part of this program.

Yours truly,
Mr. Macdougal Gray.
Managing Director,
LOTTO Hamburg GmbH.


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