URGENT RESPONSE NEEDED REPLY NOW TO (samanthahiggins2010@hotmail.com)‏

RE: £ 9,500,000.00 GBPS, (Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand Great
British Pounds Sterling Only)

Note: this is not a scam neither is it related to any of such kind
Before I start, I must first Apologies for this unsolicited mail to
you. I am aware that this is certainly an unconventional approach in
Starting a relationship but as time goes on you will realize the need
For my action.

I am Samantha Higgins From Birmingham United Kingdom. I am a
Representative; an Attorney to Mr. Gerald Brook’s private account, my
Client Mr. Gerald Brook passed away in the Year 2008 may his gentle
Soul rest in peace. My client by name Mr. Gerald Brook, who passed away,
Left behind his fund amounted to £ 9,500,000.00 GBPS, (Nine Million
Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling Only) which he did
Not supply his next of kin to his deposited fund before his death.
All efforts by me to trace his Next of Kin proved abortive because he
Did not make any will prior to his death.

The Financial law of British inheritance clearly allows for the
Deceased Bank to use deceased money as deemed fit, should the
Inheritance money be left unclaimed for a period of Nineteen months
After the death of the account owner. The Governing Body of the BANK
Where the fund is deposited has contacted me on this matter and I am
Yet to provide the Next of Kin to lay claims to the Fund. Under a clear
And legitimate agreement with you, I shall seek your consent to be
Presented as the next of Kin so that my late client's fund will not be
Confiscated by the bank after a long period of time and taken into the
Government treasury as unclaimed.

The reason why I have contacted you now is because I want to present
You as the beneficiary and next of kin to late Mr. Gerald Brook. Since
he has no family and worked here as a bachelor for years now. The
British Inheritance Law clearly leaves the bonus of proof of who is or
is not the next of kin, to the deceased Lawyer (I), to prove the next
of kin prior to what he wrote down with me being his Attorney. As the
deceased Lawyer, the British Law simply states that l have the final
say of who is the beneficiary of the deceased estate. This is 100%
percent legal. As a legal representative / attorney, I know this.

If you are interested in this proposal and you are ready to keep this
proposition in absolute confidentiality and trust, then contact me at
once, and we can work out the details, and the issue of your

Note: I work with Littleton chambers London, do not contact me from my
chambers, because this venture is outside my chamber's business, it is
a personal venture as Late Mr. Gerald Brook is my personal client.
Thanks for your mutual

Once you receive my proposal,i want you to call me on the below number for further
clarification on this.

Send reply to: samanthahiggins2010@hotmail.com


Yours Faithfully,
Samantha Higgins
Contact Phone:+44-702-405-4581

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