My Dear Friend,

It is with trust and sincerity that I approach you for assistance to transfer some funds into your bank account.I know this message will sounds very strange to you, but I have no choice than to risk my life to choose a stranger like you I have never seen before. We leave in a global world today, and with the help of internet technology one can easily communicate with one another all around the world without knowing him or her in person, what matters will be the trust and the Information’s you got about the person. In this case we can understand our self and work like one family. Please, I don’t want you to feel embrace by receiving such message from someone you have not seen before, but my dear, such is life some time in life things works in a way we never expected.

Please do accept my apology if my mail infringes on your personal ethics. My name is Khala Tuffey I am from New zealand , I got married to My late Husband . 6 years Ago That was in 2005 My husband's name is Kamis. He is from Malaysia. Kamis is someone that could be described Rich while He was alive.My late husband was well acquainted with business and thus had several companies which include Kamis gas and oil limited, Rizal best transporting agencies as well as a large Palm plantation.

Upon my husband's death The estimation of his asset Was 6.2MILLION DOLLARS.in addition to the liquid cash which is sum of 5.6million Us dollars in the bank.
Please you have to know that consequent upon my husband's death, his family members gathered and are trying to strip me off from all the financial earnings which I and kamis laboured for years right from My home country Newzealand.despite the fact that our marriage was contracted under the required statutory of the act which specifies that upon the Death of the husband the wife will inherit all the belongings of the deceased husband.

Please, i want you to help me so as to transfer the raw cash into an account before the family members come up with whatever ideas they have.Please I urgently require your help. Please contact me immediately. I strongly believe i can bank on you.

Yours sincerely

Khala Tuffey

Sender IP:, traces to Greece
Original sender IP (hidden):, traces to Navi Mumbai, India
From address: mrs-khala-tuffey20@live.com
Reply to address (hidden): mrs-khala-tuffey1@live.com
A lot of them do this thing where replies get sent to another address than the one the email arrived from. I suppose this is remotely clever, so if the sender address gets reported and shutdown for abuse, the hidden reply-to address can still receive replies from the suckers.

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