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Dear Respect One

I am Barrister Suleiman Alfredo Mohammed (Esq.) Malaysia Solicitor & Financial Attorney/Consultant. I decided to send this first letter writing through email while subsequent ones would be secured. I was the personal Attorney to late Mr. Klaus Schraner, a German foreign contractor who died among many others in a car accident along Ipoh Express Road in Damansara Area of Malaysia .

Before his death, he was an expatriate mining consultant and Gold/Diamond merchant within Asian sub-region. Mr. Klaus schraner here-in-after referred as my client was also a category "A contractor for Malaysian ministry. He satisfactorily executed some contracts for Malaysian ministry and the sum of four $6 million Usd is an outstanding debt owed him by the ministry.

Unfortunately, it is after his death that the Malaysian public procurement agency approved his payment and sent notification to my chambers in accordance with my client's instructions-which any correspondence in respect to his dealings with the Malaysian ministry should go through my chambers.

The Malaysia Public Procurement Agency (MPPA) has consequently asked me to contact his next of kin to claim this outstanding contract fee owed to him. All attempts to trace his next of kin(s) were fruitless. I also discovered that my client did not declare any kin or relations in all his official documents with the ministry. I have contacted you to assist in claiming this money from the ministry for benefit of two of us before it is confiscated or declared unserviceable as warned by the ministry.

I have the authority to nominate my client's next of kin. We need your assistance to help us to receive this money in your nominated bank account, Note that this transaction is simple and 100% risk free, I will provide legal documentations that will authenticate you as the true next of kin.
Upon your response, we shall discuss the sharing formula for the money. You may be wondering why you were chosen but somebody has to be chosen. However, the choice is yours to choose this deal or pass the fortune of a lifetime.

Awaiting your urgent reply.

Best Regards,
Barrister Suleiman Alfredo Mohammed

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