Confirmation Reference NO:JSPSD-1153225433214

Confirmation Reference NO:JSPSD-1153225433214
Dear Sir/Madam
Welcome to Venture capital & Private Equity Association. We provide insured guaranteed alternative loans to individual and corporations in early stage formation. Our services or assistants is also appropriate for early stage companies that within a year will turn the corner toward profitability, or commence product sales. We also give out credit for debt consolidation, Personal loans, Mortgages Loan, Business Loan etc, at 3% interest rate. For further enquires do contact our loan processing officer:
Contact Loan Processing officer:
Mr. Rickman Janssen
Tel: 0032-488-957-648 Fax: 0032-70-419-470

Mrs. Owen Vandirjk
Venture Capital & Private Equity Association Advertising Agent.
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