Dear Beloved in Christ,‏

I am Mrs Laura Olsen,suffering from cancerous ailment.I was married to Mr.Raymond Olsen,my husband
worked with Chevron/Texaco in the United Kingdom for twenty years before he died in the year 2003.
My late husband deposited the sum of Ј 5.3 Million (Five Million Three Hundred Thousand
Pounds) with a Bank in United Kingdom.

Recently,my Doctor told me that I have limited days to live due to the stroke and cancerous problems I am suffering from.
I have decided to donate this fund to you and want you to use this husbands effort to fund the upkeep of widows and charities
worldwide.I took this decision because I do not have any child that will inherit this money and my
husband relatives are bourgeois and very wealthy persons and I do not want my husband hard earned
money to be misused.

Awaiting your urgent reply via my email.address:
With God all things are possible.

Your Sister in Christ,
Mrs. Laura Olsen


  1. I don't want my husband's hard earned money to be spent on cancer treatments for his ailing wife. Oh no, I would rather steal money directly from you beloved "friend in Christ".

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