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My name is Said El Mohy, recently the personal assistant to the embattled Libyan President, Col. Muammar Ghaddafi. I got your contact in my quest to source for a trustworthy person or company for investment purpose.

I have couple of million dollars that I want to secure by way of investment in your country. I want to know if you are somebody that I can trust to coordinate and handle this investment opportunity by reconfirming the following information:

1. Your full (company) names;
2. Present Country of Residence;
3. How soon can you travel for us to meet and discuss investment opportunities?
4. Your telephone and Fax number;
5. A detailed profile about your self or business;
6. Have you ever handle business of this magnitude before?

The funds were sourced legally, I will provide additional information about its source as soon as I hear from you and am convinced that you are a trustworthy person with whom I can do business with.

Yours truly,

Said El Mohy

Do not hesitate to reply with remove if you find my mail offensive

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