Good day!

I knew that my message came to you as a surprise, since I don't know you in person or met with you before. But I believe that you would be obliged to help me after hearing about my situation.My name is Peter, I am 24 years. My parents were killed by the president of our country because my father was an opposition leader to the government of my country (IVORY COAST WEST AFRICA)

Before the death of my father, he has $5 Million USD in a fixed deposit domiciliary account with a bank in Abidjan Ivory Coast, which I am the next of kin. I have tried to stay with my uncles after the death of my parents, but they have made things to be more difficult for me, since the unexpected death of my beloved parents. My uncles has been seriously chasing me around with constant treats, trying to suppress me so that I will surrender the documents of this funds deposit and trying to force me to instruct the bank to release the monies into his control. He says that if I don't cooperate with his wishes then he will kill me.

I humbly need your assistance in transferring this fund for investment; I need your assistance to provide bank account where the funds will be transferred into. I want you to travel down here to have a face to face meeting with me and to verify things yourself. I am willing to offer you 10% of the total sum as compensation of your effort.

I’m anticipating hearing from you soon.


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