My name is Richard Hamid and my sister Joanne; we are from the southern part of Sudan Rich with oil. our father Dr. Suleiman Hamid was murdered by the Sudan Janjaweed for accusing them of supplying arms to the Sudan liberation army who raided Al-Fashir and killed many officers and kidnapped General Mohamed Bashir Suleiman.

We are the only child our late father and heir, next of kin to $8.4M (USD) united state dollars which my late father deposited with a security company Ghana.

My father did no disclose the content of the box to the security company to avoid the officials from raising eye brows to the funds.

Presently we are in Ghana to notify the security company for the claims and we are staying in the refugee camp, therefore I want you to educate me on how best we can invest this money since my late dad told me that it is dangerous to invest this money in Africa to avoid suspicious and due to market instability coupled with economic and political instability facing African countries that is why I want to invest this money Abroad for your mutual assistance.

Dearest one I am in a sincere desire of your humble assistance to be my foreign partner and help me in transferring and receiving this fund in your country. So that I can invest this money and continue my education and your advice and suggestions will be highly appreciated by me.

Your quick and kind response to my message will bring life back to me because we are suffering in the camp and the Ghanaians government his making plans to repatriate us back to our country

Thank you so much and I will be grateful if my request is considered.


Richard & Joanne Hamid
(Children to late Dr. Suleiman Hamid)

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