Deutsche Bank AG Notification‏

Deutsche Bank AG
1 Great Winchester Street,
EC2N 2DB London
Great Britain - UK.
The Deutsche bank wish to congratulate and inform you that after thorough review of your Inheritance/Contract funds transfer release documents in conjunction with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund assessment report, your payment file was forwarded to us for immediate transfer of a part-payment US$5,800,000.00 to your designated bank account from an APPROVED account with us.
According to audit report given to us, it shows that you have been going through hard times and paying a lot of money for the release of your funds, which has been delayed by some dubious officials.
You are ONLY required to furnish the payment officer in-charge the Claim Reference Data to enable credit of the fund into your account directly by online swift telegraphic transfer and subsequently send copies of the funds transfer release documents to you and your bankers for confirmation.
For further details and assistance on this Remittance Notification, do contact the below payment officer in-charge;
Deutsche Bank AG.
Banking Office.
Tel: +44 7024045668
Payment Officer: Gerd Herzberg
Should you follow our directives, your funds will be credited and confirmed in your final account.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Ellen Marram
Head, International Banking Division.
Deutsche Bank AG, UK.

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