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Dear Beneficiary,

In confidence that this e-mail will be treated confidential and be given urgent attention, I write to let you know about your federal allocated payment sum.

My motive of reaching you today, is due to deep thought I gave in regards to your intercepted abandoned yet unclaimed payment.

The full details of this message is attached to this e-mail, take your time to read and reply immediately

--Forwarded Message Attachment--




Clearance Verification/Reconciliation Dept

on Foreign Owed Debts Payments Delivery.

Ref: UN/IRD/Cash-Delivery/C-BOXES/0219




It�s my pleasure in service to introduce myself to you. I am DR .ALPHONZO RUDD the newly assigned Inspector General, of the United-Nation Organization Office, (AMERICA REGIONAL PAYMENT UNITS)HEARTFIELD INT'L AIRPORT  ATLANTA GA.

My motive of reaching you today, is due to deep thought I gave in regards to your intercepted abandoned yet unclaimed consignment box payment,Which was held in base for a very long time by the authorities, such as the Head Police Department, Home Land Security International Monetary Fund (IMF) the Federal Bureau of Investigation Intelligence (FBI), and all Payment Stations including  Custom Security Management/all Local Airport Authorities when it arrived here in United-State.

Note that the main reason why I am contacting you personally and also confidentially as it requires now, is because we have received an instruction directly from the united nation  highest authorities after an executive meeting held last week at the White House which involved all local security councils and payment operational centers including banks. After the meeting a conclusion was arrived at to which the Executives of the various Authorities including the bank in charge of release of fund were directed to compile a list of all funds that had been intercepted, abandoned and confiscated consignment box  under their jurisdiction here in united states,

Prior to the instruction given to all concerned agencies, to compile and lawfully submit the recovered intercepted abandoned funds to our noble custody being the United-Nation OFFICE (AMERICA REGIONAL PAYMENT UNITS)HEARTFIELD INT'L AIRPORT  ATLANTA GA, for Proper investigation and onward release of your funds to their due beneficiaries including you upon your co-operation with us to enable me DR .ALPHONZO RUDD the assigned Inspector General (UNITED NATIONS ENVOY), of the United-Nation Office (AMERICA REGIONAL PAYMENT UNITS) HEARTFIELD INT'L AIRPORT ATLANTA GA, to release your fund to you with immediate effect.

During our special auditing and through investigation today, I (DR .ALPHONZO RUDD) discovered your (E-MAIL ID & DELIVERY ADDRESS) on one of the newly submitted recovered abandoned intercepted yet unclaimed consignment box/payment held by one of the local authorities, which I strongly believe belongs to you, though your said payment was intercepted then as a sealed consignment in a metallic trunk box and after it was scanned by me as the  assigned Inspector General ( UNITED NATIONS ENVOY)in charge, it revealed as an undisclosed sum of money inside the consignment box  with weight of about 150kg (Internal dimension:  W61 x H156 x D73 (cm). Effective capacity: 680 L.)Approximately weighing approximately 150kg and will be released to you, as soon as you get back to this noble office for further directives.

From the information gathered and sent to my desk, by the named authorities, it appears that your intercepted payment was abandoned due to the fact that the original content inside the consignment box or rather percel was not properly DECLARED to the Local Airport Authority/Custom Security Agents that the consignment box/parcel contains (physical cash )as at then but rather, it was DECLARED to the Local Airport Authority/Custom Security Agents on duty as a sensitive photographic film material and classified volume confidential company's contract documents by the agent who was to deliver the consignment to your door-step before it was finally intercepted by the Local Airport Authority/Custom Security Agents, to avoid diversion of your sealed funds inside the consignment box by the delivery agent which we believe was the cause of the problem you had that prevented you up till this moment from receiving your over-due fund which is now ready to be paid to you once you comply to our directives.

This panel was primarily delegated by the United-Nation Office (AMERICA REGIONAL PAYMENT UNITS)HEARTFIELD INT'L AIRPORT ATLANTA  GEORGIA , On Foreign Intercepted Owed Debts & Reconciliation Matters to help in recovering back all intercepted, confiscated and to also manipulate and facilitate the immediate release of all with-held payments back to their various owners including yours as it has eaten deep into the economy of the United States due to the un-necessary delays for not releasing beneficiaries payment to them.

To this effect, kindly re-confirm to us the following information to enable us complete the final delivery of your own payment to your preferable delivery address you are to now re-confirm to us for the safety delivery to your door-step with immediate effect:

Your Full Name:.......................................................................

Your Complete Address (Physical Address with Zip Code not P.O.BOX) :..................

Name of City of Residence:........................Country:............................

Direct Telephone Number:...........................Mobile Number:.....................

Date of Birth:...................Fax Number:.............Occupation:..................

Name of The Nearest Airport Close To You:.............................................

A scan copy of your working Identity Card (or) Int'l Passport:........................

NB: Please kindly co-operate with us by re-confirming to this noble office the above requested information to enable us verify and also do our job properly as directed by the United-Nation office (AMERICA REGIONAL PAYMENT UNITS) here in HEARTFIELD INT'L AIRPORT ATLANTA GA  based on the newly imposed law and policy governing the irrevocable release of this payment to you which is the only way we can help you out in receiving your submitted intercepted fund and also serve you better?

Once we are through it is recommend that you deploy the services of a secured shipping Company geared to provide the security it needs to your doorstep. I will give your my direct  telephone number as soon as i hear from you.








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