Goodwill From Me To You‏

No.10, Fletcher Street West,
Off Streatham High Road,
London, SW16 1DE, U.K.

I am Mrs. Jane Fletcher, married to late Engr. Gary Fletcher, who operated a private Engineering Consultancy Firm in partnership with The North-East Electricity Plc, here in United Kingdom. He died untimely on the 24th June, 2006 after brief illness which lasted for 7 days. I once again try to contact you as my earlier message was returned undelivered, thus, I hereby attempted to reach you again concerning the financial estate of my late husband.

Before his death, he had approximately sum of 14,500,000.00 GBP which is equivalent to $26,700,000.00 (Twenty Six Million, Seven Hundred Thousand United States Dollars in a secured bank account here in UK. However, the codicil and last testament to his legal WILL as provided by our family lawyer clearly stated that the above money should be used to support humanitarian/medical activities and also to help the poor and disabled in the your society.

My late husband embarked on this charity decision because he was raised from a motherless baby home up till 18 years before proceeding to the University under Non-Governmental Organizations sponsorship. Unfortunately, we were married for Eleven years without a child and presently, I'm hospitalized where I am undergoing treatment for breast cancer but what disturbs me most is the high blood pressure associated with my sickness, but the Lord can do all things.

I have strongly decided to make you the executor and coordinator to the humanitarian dreams of my late husband and the money shall be formally released into your bank account for this purpose, as soon as I'm convinced of your determination to the task. Remember that blessed is the hand that giveth to the needy and those who spent their time and resources in doing humanitarian duties will be divinely rewarded in excess of their own needs.

Once I receive your reply agreeing to become the funds beneficiary and humanitarian executor, I will give you all the relevant information about my family lawyer and the bank where the funds has been deposited. I will also send a letter of authority through my attorney's chambers to the bank, authorizing the release of the deposited funds into your bank account.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and I hope to hear from you urgently. Please contact me through this email:

Yours Truly,
Mrs. Jane Fletcher,
Benefactor of Funds.

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