Our Ref: CFQC/US/10GRT044
Your Ref:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Cargill which was founded in 1865 by W.W. Cargill, was conceived with the objective of Human Growth, Education and Community development.
We are pleased to inform you that as part of our 2010 fiscal year promotion, Cargill is donating two hundred million dollars, towards the Cargill Foundation anniversary as specific cash aid to 100 international recipients worldwide in different categories for business, educational and personal development,and at least 30% to be use by each for the development of his/her community.

For more details about our charitable donations please visit our website at http://www.cargill.com/corporateresponsibility/charitab-giving/index.jsp In 2009,

Cargill contributed more than US $58 million to nonprofit and/or nongovernmental organizations, schools and local community organizations in locations where we have a business presence.Based on the random selection exercise from all databases and websites on the internet, you were selected among the recipients to receive the sum of USD 2,000,000.00 (Two Million US dollars) as cash aid. It is therefore my pleasure to officially inform you that you have been chosen By the board of trustees of the Cargill Foundation, as one of the recipients for 2010 Charitable giving for your own personal, educational and business development.

You are required to contact your cash aid documentation officer with the below information, for documentation and processing.

Cargill Foundation (Nigeria)
Media 252 Campbell,
Phone: +234(813)-865-3805

Recomfirm the following Informations.

Full Names:
Date of birth:
Contact Address:
Phone number(s):
Marital status:

Cash Aid payments are strictly administered by the respective/authorized payment offices of the Cargill Foundation in North America and United kingdom.
On behalf of the Cargill Foundation, Board of trustees, kindly accept our warmest congratulations.

Yours faithfully,
Dr. Paul Long
© 2010 Cargill, Incorporated.


  1. Thank You for putting this up - I too have been saving exact same emails wondering how to get them out and warn people. I have been in conversation with these people via email just intrigued to know how far they would actually go. When I suggested that I was concerned they might be a scam they reply went on and on about he is a man of God, God fearing e.t.c. and would never do anything like that. Have decided to over them 1million dollars of the 2 million they are awarding me plus tell them they can take out all the fees from my half. Hmmmmm wonder what their response will be. How do they sleep at night, I wonder!

  2. Pretty sure this is a scam as well!

    Good day,

    We appreciate your interest our available job position in your geographical location and satisfied with your resume.
    Cargill Incorporation takes full responsibility for all construction contracts, manages the work of its own forces as well as those of subcontractors, and ensures the project is completed on time and on budget. Since existence,we act as consultant to the owner in the development and design phases, but as the equivalent of a general contractor during the construction phase and have successfully completed so many projects.
    We're constantly on the lookout for willing and able representative to handle funds in our account receivable position. The talent that walks in our door is the foundation of our growth and success. A supportive team atmosphere, recognition, and personal growth are satisfying career elements at our Organization. And we're known for competitive salaries, bonus/incentive programs and excellent benefits. Are you interested in an environment that rewards hard work and creative contributions? If yes, then join our big family.

    Receive,process and handle payment from clients on our behalf.
    Deduct 10%, which is your commission/pay per payment processed.
    Forward balance after deduction of your commission to any of the offices you will be contacted to send payment to.

    10% from each operation!
    For instance: you receive a payment worth 3000 US dollars via checks on our behalf. You will process the funds and keep 300 (10% from 3000 USD) for yourself. Initially, your commission will be 10%, and will be reviewed with time to 15%.

    This job opportunity,as well as the payments is absolutely legal and legitimate. Our Organization has rewarding opportunities available where you can use your skills and make a difference for our company and customers.This position makes it possible to work as an independent contractor right from your home office.You can earn more than 2000-3000 US dollars monthly depending on time you will be willing for this job.You do not need any capital as start up fee to secure this position and the work can be easily done without leaving or affecting your present occupation.

    18 years or older
    Legally capable
    Ready to work 3-4 hours per week.
    Please respond with the below details Asap if you are interested in this opportunity.

    Alernative Email:

    We will be pleased if you can assure us of your reliability and trustworthiness to handle this position effectively and efficiently.
    Hope to read from you soon.

    Mr Randy Bartelmay
    Cargill Incorporation

  3. Same email here mine was also from

    Yours faithfully,
    Dr. Paul Long
    © 2012 Cargill, Incorporated.

  4. Thanks for posting. I had a feeling this one was another phishing scam, but it's nice to confirm. Cargill is a real business so I questioned why they would send recruiting emails via hotmail rather than @cargill.com.

    Cargill Incorporation Cargillincss@hotmail.com via eigbox.net

    4:52 AM (3 hours ago)

    to me

    We Just Received your resume from your school career Center and would like to
    know if you are still Job Hunting.Do get back to us via email at your earliest

    Randy Bartelmay

  5. I got the same email:

    Cargill Incorporation Cargillincss@hotmail.com via eigbox.net


    We Just Received your resume from your school career Center and would like to
    know if you are still Job Hunting.Do get back to us via email at your earliest

    Randy Bartelmay

    1. I got the same on Jan 27, 4:44am:

      Cargill Incorporation Cargillincss@hotmail.com


      We Just Received your resume from your school career Center and would like to
      know if you are still Job Hunting.Do get back to us via email at your earliest

      Randy Bartelmay

  6. Randy Bartelmay is very common and I have also received this one from a Joshua Simmons allegedly from Cargill:

    Dear Applicant,
    My name is Joshua Simmons from CARGILL. As you are aware ,Cargill, Incorporated is a privately held, multinational corporation, based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, specifically the Wayzata Post Office area. I need someone that can complete billings, invoicing and payments on my behalf and get them to the vendors, as well as being capable to receive payments from my buyers from time to time.
    The only way I am entitled to the 20% profit is if the actual transaction is concluded through me. When the suppliers and buyers go head to head,i run at a loss as they can transact directly with one another without my knowledge. This position offers you 10%, you're offered a very good pay as transactions are steady, continuous and constant. An average transaction is for $2,000.00 and over and you can handle as many as 3 transactions in a week as most payments are immediately made. The pay is good enough to encourage you to work hard and be focused and it's more than enough for me to stay in business while encouraging me to source harder and link more suppliers. I travel a lot and when buyers want to make any purchase, when i'm on company errands, he\she has to hold-on till I return, to place an order, on the long term. The effect is our customers start sourcing for suppliers on their own, so having an assistant/representative easily reachable has its numerous advantages. We have lost too many deals due to this and we are trying to put an end to it.

    The best form of payment used are business checks and direct bank transfers they are always available and confirmed on the spot, they are not the only means used but I will say the best for our process. Most of the buyers we work with are those we've previously handled successful transactions with in the past, new buyers are verified and confirmed before the linking process occurs. You have nothing to worry about. The mode of operation is as follows; you receive the payment directly from the individual buyer, in your mail, usually via ups/fedex and have them cashed. You send the payment to our suppliers/vendors when you are assigned to do so, or directly to the company and your pay is 10% of the amount sent to you. All charges during cashing, sending of payments and transaction completion will be deducted from the balance after you have deducted your pay and not deducted from your own money so your pay is fixed on the amount cashed per transaction. You can handle as many as 3 or more transactions per week, but you'll be handling one (1) initially to see how efficiently and how quickly you can complete the task.

    On 3 transactions you're sure of nothing less than $600 weekly. The hours are flexible and you can decide when you want to work as what you'll be doing initially is cashing the payments and completing the transaction to the supplier. I don't need you online 24/7,i just need you to be online on a daily basis and at least check your e-mail regularly. Working with me will also not disturb your other jobs, (If you have any) as I require that applicants only have easy access to the internet,so as to be easily reachable and respond/carry out instructions sent as soon as possible.

    Please show your continued interest in this position by sending me the following info.
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Mailing Address {No P.O box}:
    Zip Code:
    Mobile Phone #:
    Contact Phone #:
    Alternative Contact e-mail address:

    Joshua Simmons

  7. I got one from Zellers Incorporation and Cargill with the same phone number as contact number. Definitely fishy. They send it to my school email.

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    1. - a total load of shit comment that is being left up on this blog because load of shit scams are what we are all about here. Thank you for contributing, you scammer piece of shit. :)

      In any case, this is not a site for your pathetic attempts at advertisements.